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After listening to my friend this evening- going through one of zillion nervous break-downs because of a same guy, I started realizing we all been through those because of the same guy. But her tone gave me a feeling she got tired. It wasn’t as usual “I hate him!” -screaming, it was a calm voice that said “I am finally done with this, I am ready to move on.”.
This was my topic on my previous post .

I found this amazing app named “Headway” that gives you audio and books for reading. Amazing thing. One of headlines was “Power of the pussy”. Pretty simple book that can awake your deepest thoughts that you may didn’t even consider, because now you think that all you need is love, and love will fix everything. And three months later you hear your love is screwing someone else, not because she’s better, but because he was available. Why don’t you take a time, my dear lady, to think about why so many books are written on women behavior, teaching her to act like a lady and think like a man?
There are charts and articles like “Books that can change your dating life” and it includes books like: Why men loves bitches, How to get a man, The manual, Act like a lady but think like a man. Does that ring a bell? They are all addressed to woman.
Men are simple. They won’t google or read a book how to get a woman. They will try to get it one, two, three times and while they’re trying they will fuck some other because they can. What do I mean by that? We aren’t quantum physic, they already know that there is always one “good girl” who they can screw up with just simple meaningless “I need you in my life” and she’s there. She’s there while he’s trying to put high scores in some other games. So, let’s get back to books.
We are all familiar with woman behavior when she’s in love, and all those books are giving you insights on how you could actually enjoy your life even if you’re not loved back.
If you are the good girl who is waiting her man always and looking after him, and always there for him, even after so many breakups and breakdowns, you will eventually reach this phase that my friend had earlier, to simply cut it off. That’s hardest way, to learn based on your own mistakes. So, if there is simple way why would you lose your time, nerves and health trying to teach someone to love you back as you love.
I personally measure love on little simple things: you will prove me your love by doing simple things that will make my heart smile, and that’s how you will keep me in your life. Not by fucking my mood every day, and then one day you will give only to please my needs. That I don’t see as love.
As you can’t prove to a stupid person that it’s stupid, you can talk to a man about your issues for 9 days and on 10. he will do same stupid thing. The point is? -You are with the wrong man.
To the right one you will not have to give so much time talking about issues, because he will care enough to make you happy, so instead wasting every day on fights, you will have a chance to enjoy your happy days, filled with love.

Moral of the story: World is full of books to teach you how to act to be respected. As a “good girl” you will survive but only with the man who have deepest feelings for you. But how many you have dated until now and all stories finished the same? So, good girl thing keep for your husband and those toxic boys treat as they should be treated, before you lose 10kg and lose your health because you didn’t know how to deal with all that stress. More about toxic relationships you can read in my previous post and this post I will use as an ouverture to my next post where I will review previously mentioned books.

Stay healthy, stay home!

Bye, RetroGirls!

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