In one month exactly will be one year since I moved. I left my country, my house, my family, friends and life that I had back then. Yesterday someone asked me, not related to this topic, “Do you have regrets?”.

My answer was “No”, but today I thought about it. Since I’m known as overthinker, whatever happens, I will think about it, at least I will remember it. Not everything is as it seems, but even until now, I had bad and good moments, no matter where, I did have them. It is not the first time that I am trying to change my life by changing the place of living, job and my surroundings. And I am sure that I will continue until I find a place where I feel that I belong to. Even my mother once said “With all that u’ve been trough in this past few years, I like that you never give up on your dreams”

And I did not, whatever happened, I tried to take it as positive as I could, so I wouldn’t regret anything. Whatever happened, happened because I wanted it. Even when I tried to be there for someone and I am the one who leave the story with pain, I don’t regret it. We all show eventually who we are, so, never regret anyone who hurt you. By the time, you will know why.

Long time ago, I regretted someone in my life. Back then, I didn’t really believed in KARMA, because as the time passing by, seeing that person happy after everything, it made me regret every minute spent in comforting them, being around, being something they never been to me. It’s been years since then, first I’ve heard that something bad is happening to that person, and later on it was confirmed after reaching me and telling me all about it. Even though it’s been years, I knew why it is happening, and I knew why they reached me. I don’t like seeing people suffering, but in this one I found a lesson. No matter when, everything you do, will come back to you, this or that way.

As I am getting older, I found a lot of these situations, and been through a lot of them, but in the end thankful because it didn’t changed who I am. I don’t regret anything in my life because all the situations made me who I am, thought me lessons which u can’t learn at the school. Life lessons. Lot of them thought me what I never want to be, and how it looks to be like that in the eye of viewer. It doesn’t matter where will I end up in life, as long as I know that I won’t settle until I’m fully happy because I deserve to be. At least, I know that my grandkids will have amazing stories about their grandma. And hopefully, I will teach them real life values, so they don’t stuck with bad experiences, and let them to change who they actually are. We all have life stories, and I’ll make mine worth of reading.

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